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I bought a Dell Inspiron 15 in 2017 and I had power cord error messages so I took it to the repairman and had a buy a stronger power cord. I bought another Dell Inspiron this year and I had the same problem and the computer started making a lot of noise.

I sent it back three times. It comes back in worse shape each time. They replaced the power cord two times. One time they gave me a lower wattage cord.

They wanted me to send it back a fourth time. I contacted the the BBB. I was told I would get a new computer. It was refurbished.

It was noisy too. It made more noise than the other. I just e-mailed Dell and told them I am sending it back. I have contacted the BBB again.

There are lots of complaints about Dell computers. They don't make good computers like they used to.

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It sounds like your laptop didn't like the power cord that it had. Being a computer repair tech, I have seen laptops that do this.

Laptops can act weird with power cords. Sometimes you can take almost any power cord to turn on the laptop, sometimes you can't. It depends on the laptop model. Even if the power cord physically fits in the power port, it may not work.

It has to do with the watts and amps The first thing to do is if you turn on the laptop and there is a message about the power cord not being an official OEM cord, would be to turn off the warning in the bios.

If the laptop still isn't working, you would need to get the right power cord. It sounds like dell techs weren't sure what the problem was, which doesn't surprise me.

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