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I purchased a new Dell insperion about 2 months ago about a month ago I noticed my sound was sounding distorted. And that my computer seemed slow.

About 2wks ago I called up dell and they helped me, I thought, by using the internet to connect with my computer. After they were done they says it was fixed abd if I wanted more help I could post over 200.00 for they special service. I didn't and days thank you. Now, here we are 2wks later, still show and still distorted sound.

Ugh! So I contacted HSN and told them all about it and they basically said sorry, your out of luck. That it didn't have any Warrenty from anyone. I told them but I'm still paying it off, they still said I did not buy the extended warranty and they could do anything, after only 2 months, what the *** I am so upset that they sell crap..

Damn. Buyer beware..

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