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AU escalations responded to my complaint on their website and offered to honour their commitments along with a considerate gesture as a token apology.

Original review posted by user Jan 09

Whilst looking at Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 notebooks online, the presales chat pops up and the operator, Vennela tells the machine is in stock.I ask about the active stylus pen and Vennela places me on hold before coming back and confirming it does include a pen.

Only when I receive the invoice (after paying) and shipping confirmation am I told that the product isn't actually 'in stock' but will take 6-8 days to build. I also queried the pen which is not listed as in the box. Vennela promises to get back to me regarding the pen, but doesn't.

I ask again about the pen only to be now told (after I have purchased the product) that it doesn't actually include a pen.Very shoddy to be telling me these things to get a sale only to then go back on her word.

Review about: Dell Xps 13 Laptop.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Naples, Florida, United States #1268046

Dell builds computers to customer specification.That is why it you have two choices on the pages: ADD TO CART or CUSTOMIZE AND BUY.

Now, you will also note that they also say STARTING AT prices.

That also is a clear indication that each one can have a different price based on what you want in it.

9 days to build and ship a computer is fast.If you want a computer yesterday, go to Walmart.

Perth Phil
to LadyScot Perth, Western Australia, Australia #1268052

Read the post - chat operator told me it was 'in stock'.Wasn't a custom build, nothing to add or change, nothing to configure.

Amazon ship PCs to prime member in two days - even to Naples, Florida!HP ships computers that are 'in stock' in three days.

Sounds like you work for Dell?

to Perth Phil Naples, Florida, United States #1268061

LadyScot is a troll. Ignore him / her!

to LadyScot Naples, Florida, United States #1268605

Don't clone my nic.If you want to be a bit.ch, be one.

Be one as yourself.Otherwise, that just makes you a coward.

to Perth Phil Naples, Florida, United States #1268604

No I do not work for Dell.I worn in a pharmacy.

People can read websites and not work for the company you are complaining about.

Yes. I sW that the chat says they have the item being sold in stock. They build computers to customer specification.

Anything they offer will be IN STOCK because they are ABLE to offer it for sale. That does not mean they build a bunch of stock computers and hang onto them.

Amazon ships STOCK, already made computers.

HP stocks and sells STOCK, already build computers.You are completely missing the point.

Again if you want a stock computer go to Walmart.

to LadyScot Perth, Western Australia, Australia #1269115

No - you are missing my point.You are a troll with nothing better to do.

I don't care for your opinion and you offer nothing constructive of value. If this is your hobby being a serial pest, you really need to get a life!

You didn't read my initial comment at all and just started trolling. I went to the website and an operator said in stock. Built.

Ready to go. And if you bothered to look at where I live you would know that walmart is not here in Australia.

My point was simple - if a supplier promises something, then they should deliver.

I escalated this within the dell hierarchy, Dell management said 'absolutely we should be operating this way', they apologised and they fixed the problem.The machine is on its way.

Surprising - all without having to go to Walmart

to Perth Phil Naples, Florida, United States #1269199

They are managers. They are trained to kiss your *** to get rid of you.

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