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To whom it may concern:

The first week of August I ordered a new Laptop for my daughter. It arrived damaged.

I called Customer service to have a replacement sent to my home, and was told it would take 8 days, and would be upgraded due to the inconvenience. Two weeks later still no computer, so a return call to Customer Service, and was told no replacement was ordered. The rep said 8 days for a replacement to arrive. Numerous calls back and forth to get the replacement – unfortunately it didn't arrive to travel with my daughter to college.

Then I get TWO replacements! Then I have two computers to send back – but no return label came with either computer. More Phone calls and NO upgrade on the replacement. Finally the bill arrives –but NO Employee Purchase Program discount was applied to the price!

Numerous phone calls, with way too much shuffling between customer service reps. I was cut off while talking or being transferred to another rep. In the end a supervisor offered me a 7 percent discount which she stated was $40.00…Must be new math, because 7 percent of my bill would be $68.56. My Employee discount was a MINIMUM of 10 percent!

The customer service reps stated that my order was placed in the "home Segment" instead of the "Employee Purchase Program" segment. Nothing we can do about it, so, sorry about the 10 to 30 percent discount you should have received… Needless to say I am upset and totally disgusted with Dell customer service.

In the future I will take my business to another brand, and will recommend that others do the same. I am frustrated with talking to Customer Service reps in India, and getting no real help resolving these issues…Tim Burns

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I completely agree with you and think the public should start to boycott companies that make/service/import products from overseas. You cannot understand what they say on the phone and the info they give you is way off the mark and untrue. Not to mention inferior quality - why make something well since you won't get rich if consumers don't have to buy again for a longer period of time????

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