I purchased and received a new Dell Inspiron 1520 computer on May 5, 2008. I reported that I had a defective keyboard on May 18, 2008. At first, I experienced a problem pressing the “R” key on the keyboard. The key would lock and not allow me to press it while typing. Then ten minutes later, it would work and I would experience the exact same thing with the “4” key on the keyboard. The latest characteristic I have experienced is the inability of the computer to register or recognize the “1” key. Although it would allow me to press the key, it would not register on the screen.

During that phone conversation, I was informed that the keyboard is a “customer replaceable part” and hence a replacement keyboard with installation directions would be sent to me and that I would have to open the case of the computer and replace the keyboard. The fact that the computer was brand new and just received from the company was not an issue nor was the fact that a novice like myself is not capable of such a task.

The issue with my concern is that I am experiencing an intermittent problem with this “NEW” computer. The computer will work fine much of the time, and all of a sudden a problem arises. When new products experience intermittent problems, it is a clear sign that the product is defective.

Once again, I am insulted that DELL CORPORATION would send me a replacement keyboard labeled “REFURBISHED” and consider this a solution to this problem.

There is clearly a problem with this “new” computer and I am requesting what I purchased - a “new” computer to replace this obviously defective computer.

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