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We bought a Dell Inspiron in Dec 2010.7 months later the hard drive has crashed & tech brought us a refurbished one.

That didnt work & they tried another. Now they want to replace the motherboard & memory with more refurbished parts. When I requested new parts or a new machine, they told me I need to accept the refurbished parts or they wont fix the machine! Their customer relations manager, Robin D'Cruz had shocking attitude and was extremely rude.

Im so angry I could scream!

I will never buy another DELL ever again!They dont even know what customer service is!!

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Well, providing refurbished parts seems to be the bane of consumers and the delight of computer companies these days.It is much cheaper for Dell to swap out your broken parts for a used one.

I have been using Gateway for some 6 years now, with no real hardware problems. But, with the current cheap price of computers, when your warranty expires, just buy a new one. Take your pick of whom, just get a good brand named one. Sometimes, and you appear to be one of them, people get a lemon.

Blame Dell for the rude customer service, but they did fix it according to what they promised to do.Read the warranty.

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