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We bought a Dell Inspiron in Dec 2010. 7 months later the hard drive has crashed & tech brought us a refurbished one.

That didnt work & they tried another. Now they want to replace the motherboard & memory with more refurbished parts. When I requested new parts or a new machine, they told me I need to accept the refurbished parts or they wont fix the machine! Their customer relations manager, Robin D'Cruz had shocking attitude and was extremely rude.

Im so angry I could scream!

I will never buy another DELL ever again! They dont even know what customer service is!!

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Well, providing refurbished parts seems to be the bane of consumers and the delight of computer companies these days. It is much cheaper for Dell to swap out your broken parts for a used one.

I have been using Gateway for some 6 years now, with no real hardware problems. But, with the current cheap price of computers, when your warranty expires, just buy a new one. Take your pick of whom, just get a good brand named one. Sometimes, and you appear to be one of them, people get a lemon.

Blame Dell for the rude customer service, but they did fix it according to what they promised to do. Read the warranty.

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