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I called Dell support after my Microsoft Office trial version did not allow me to send e-mails. I was told that I needed to buy Outlook 2010 for $129 and that tech support would call me back at a designated time for installation support so that I wouldn't lose prior data.

I received the software from Dell, however when they didn't call at the appointed time, I called Dell to ask for assistance. Several people tried to assist me without luck and ultimately told me that there was a problem with my computer and that I would have to buy a software support warranty for $200 + or pay approximately $130 for one time support. I refused and have asked to return the software.

All of this after several hours on the phone speaking to 5 different people. I subsequently went on-line to Microsoft and bought a Microsoft Office software upgrade for $79 which I downloaded and installed seamlessly with no loss of data in 5 minutes.

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