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Purchased a Dell Inspirion 17 and it arrived 4/6/2011. Took it out of the box booted it up and it did what new computers do until it got to the part where it asked if I wanted to make a recovery disk...I said yes, inserted disk and would not read it, tried another same, call 1 to tech support (which is a joke) love that each and every one says "if at anytime I speak to fast or you have a hard time understanding me, please stop me at that point and I will repeat"

An hour and a half on phone with "tech support" accessing remotely finally determined cd drive was bad. So tech ordered the parts and three days later someone came to the house and replaced the drive..less than two days later computer developed 11 "dead" back to tech support..another hour on the phone..said they would sent replacement laptop and return slip for original computer.

Five days later replacement laptop arrives, no manual, no driver cd, just a laptop dropped into a the box..booted it up, the touch mouse does not work! So back to tech support, had to use usb mouse to get onto the pc and after another hour..said they would send another no no...

So finally two days later I get hold of someone after being transferred 6 times who emailed me two return labels. One thing that really pissed me off is that you could not talk to one agent and have them simply scroll through notes and see! Each time another question came up, they did not have the answer and would transfer me, even the "escalation" supervisors.

Got the return labels last night and printed them off and head to UPS store first thing this am..called Dell and told them and they said it could take up to 30 days for my credit to show on my card...really???

Dell will not give you a phone number to call, they will not transfer you to speak with anyone in the United States and if you do call Dell in Round Rock or in Austin you still get transferred to India!

Have written the BBB and the Texas Attorney General about the shoddy business practices and the huge amount of time to get a credit back. Doubt it will do any good, but maybe if enough people grip and complain they will look into at least the *** poor outsourced "Customer Service"

Review about: Dell Laptop.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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