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Dell replaced the hard drive but no reimbursement for tec people to transfer everything. They would not even talk about the battery, which was never in use. This machine is super slow. Takes forever to start. Takes forever to load a program. My phone and I Pad are, without exaggerating, at least fifteen times faster. My old HP was far better. I seriously recommend that you not purchase a Dell, at least not this model. Also, I was unable...
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I've been a loyal DELL customer for 20 years, and NO MORE. My latest purchase had to be hardware revamped within a few months. Poor workmanship. Now, DELL put out an update that dinged all my Microsoft software. When I called them, they immediately shifted me to "software" and offered to sell my new software that worked. I reset my computer to factory settings, and won't allow any more DELL updates. That's all I have to say.That's all I have to...
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rollo2016 Agreed. Dell is no longer a computer brand to purchase. HP still makes some good machines, tho none of these companies have good customer service.

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