Bought a new Dell several months ago - my 4th XPS - the machine has done nothing but blue screen - Dell had tech come to house and replace hard drive and video card with REFURBISHED parts - saw the box on the next vist when they came to replace yes - the mother board. they also sent a NEW power pack - which was the wrong size. They gave the Tech a hard time when he told them the hard drive was making noise and he told me they refused to send me a new power pack and hard drive. When I came home the computer AGAIN blue screened.

OKAY DELL - get your stuff together - I paid over 2,000 for a machine that not only does not work - but when you fix it you replace it with OLD REFURBISHED parts.

I have reformatted the hard drive and spent countless hours with tech support trying to make this machine work to no avail - it is a new machine.

DELL stand up and smell the roses - if you produce this kind of machine and do not stand behind your product you will loose your loyal customers. I have been a loyal Dell customer since 1996 -

In my opinion this is deceptive business practices - you do not fix a new machine by filling it with someone elses old fixed parts. You need to stand behind your products - I have lost time, business profits, and have been made physically sick by trying to get satisfaction from DELL

DO NOT BUY from this computer manufacturer unless you are willing to go through living ***.

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Purchased my xps9100. I also have been getting bsod shortly after lturning on.

Dell promiseed 100 percent they can fix it. Now 2 months later its not fixed, I have also experienced a bait and swith after I signed up for the 230 dollar warr,ty.

Over 25 hours on the phone, 3 of which were agruing aabout what I wass sold for warranty, from which I have not received no details in print. I have nbought 6 dells in the past 20 years, no more for me.-


my XPS has been BSODing 2-3 times per day. Time to RMLDF (remove my loyalty from Dell).


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