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Mr. Dell

Unfortunately, I find myself in a position where phone support is unable and in my opinion unwilling to resolve the issue with my Alien ware Laptop. I have tried numerous times over the last 7 months to resolve the issue and have not been able to do so. I hope that writing this letter will find its way to your desk so that someone who has the best interest in your image can resolve my issue and make me a loyal DELL customer once again.

I have now to date been without a fully functioning computer for the last 7 months, I had to purchase a net book as most of my household finances and my homecare for my parents is done either online or with other various programs. This has been a very frustrating process to say the least, I have been on the phone with your support team so much that it severely cuts into the time I should be spending taking care of my parents, on average it takes an hour to get to someone and explain what's going on with the computer and what's been done in the past to rectify it and the tech team having to find someone else I'm assuming a supervisor to ask them what they can do to help, its an exhausting process... Its difficult to remain confident in a company that tells you they will email you or call you back on a certain day only to be let down by there being no return call or email for days afterward, I'm sure you can imagine the disappointment I must feel as a consumer of your product, I've owned and recommended dell for many years, and to be honest I feel as though the reason I first started buying DELL (CUSTOMER SERVICE) is a thing of the past. I sincerely hope that isn't the case, but with the service I have received and the manner in which I have received it thus far it seems to be the most likely conclusion.

When I purchased the Laptop I also purchased COMPLETE CARE which by the definition alone should give one a sense of security that whatever your issues are they will be taken care of in a professional and timely manner, which in my estimation has not happened here at all, this is not to mention the fact that over 7 months of a warranty I've paid for has been wasted in playing the swap your parts campaign that your tech support team seems to want to wage. Yes, I have received replacements and yes, there have been techs to my home to repair the computer, but continually having blue screen issues and other hardware and software issues (which to clarify were all installed by DELL) is a bit much to ask a customer to endure. The last replacement I received did not function right out of the delivery box! When I called DELL to report what was going on I was directed to take the existing computer apart and swap some parts from that one to the replacement??? I mean seriously I have to repair a replacement computer right out of the delivery box before I can use it?? Are they not being tested before being shipped out? After swapping out the parts I was directed to by your support team, I notice that the back of the computer I was sent to replace the one I had looked as though it had been dragged on a roadway, I mean it was not something that you would want at your home from a company the size of DELL and after paying what these things cost.

I have now had the replacement that did not work out of the box for approximately 3 weeks when you try to start it all it does is beep and it is now sitting in a box waiting for some kind of resolution to this matter. IF SOMEONE could please look into this and contact me directly and tell me what can be done to resolve this debacle is I'd appreciate it.

I feel that my only recourse right now is to forward this letter and my other pertaining information including over 200 emails along to the DPBR and the BBB and any other agencies that I can find that will help me in getting value for what I've spent with your company. MY hope in finding your email is to only get my issue resolved. I want a working computer, nothing more .. nothing less, I don't feel that it's an unreasonable request, I believe if the tables were reversed you would feel the same way.

I look forward to hearing from your office ( I Hope )

Review about: Dell Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $3100.

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Great idea to have something worked on and void a 700.00 warranty. Why didn't I think of that

North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand #339030

I've owned a Dell for several years and it's still good ol' faithful. I take care of it by staying off uncertified websites and by not downloading anything that can bring in malware or adware.

I also keep an antivirus on it. I've even built my own computer and it's lasted for about 8 years before we got rid of it for space.

To avoid the hassle I would just take it to a local geek squad or a computer repair center and have them perform the repairs to get it up and running. Saves you a lot of frustration.

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