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I bought a Dell computer. When I tried to register it I was informed that I could not register it or recieve any type of support until the store (Walmart) sent Dell some information. I can't remember what it was. Finally (I don't remember how) I managed to get them to honor the warranty. To my knowledge Walmart never did send them what they had to have.

When the orginal warranty expired I bought an extended service contract. It too expired and on june 21, 2010, I bought another extended service contract for $110.00. I have a record of it and can prove it. When I call Dell for tech support, they claim there is no record at all of my purchase. I have tried innumerable times to get this cleared up but Dell simply will not do it. I've spoken to Customer Care many times but nothing happens. Today I called Dell Sales and Service. I spoke to a girl who I could not understand and explained the situation. I told her I had a record of my purchase and I wanted the situation resolved. For some unexplainable reason she transferred my call to tech support. The problem is with tech support in the first place. Tech support ended up by hanging up on me. This happens frquently. I tried to find an actual Dell representative to whom I could explain my problem. As far as I know there is no one like that If you want to communicate with Dell, you are going to have to talk to someone in India.

I don't like jobs to be sent overseas but could probably live with it if only I could understand them. They speak english but have such strong accents that it sounds like a different language. Also they use colloquialisms (idioms) that mean something different to Americans than what the Indians mean to say. By now I have pretty much given up on getting what I paid for. As far as I can tell there is not even anyone to sue.

As far as I'm concerned, Dell is not an American company, It is an Indian company. Dell has lost a customer. I will never again buy a Dell product. I cannot be the only person who's had this type of problem. I'd like to see a movement to boycott Dell until they shape up.

Review about: Dell Customer Care.

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