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My husband and I have bought a total of 3 computers from Dell, the first of which was completely defective. After several attempts of Dell trying to fix it with no success we then requested that dell replace the computer and they refused. I had to fight for months sepnding hours upon hours on hold or arguing with supervisors before they finally did exchange it.

When we recieved the supposedly "new" computer it said refurbished and again this computer to this day does not work right. Dell now refuses to give me any tech support on this becuase the warranty on the original defective unit has expired even thought this one is supposed to be new.

The other 2 that we have, one other desk top and a laptop, neither work right becuase of windows vista issues and after several attempts to contact dell for tech support(waiting on hold for more then 40+min each call) and waiting for over 1 month for them to call us back I have yet to have any call backs or any of the issues resolved on my compputers.

I highly reccomend people not to buy Dell and to go one step further I would not ever buy computer with any windows program again after the havock Vista has caused on all of my computers (I will be making a sperate complaint for this).

Looks like Macs for me from now on, I wish I would have gone with them to begin with.

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Muenster, Texas, United States #24019

I also have to add this, I *** hate Microsoft. I do keep Windows around for gaming only (because nowadays you NEED windows for gaming) but everything else is Mac...or Linux which I use at work.

Everything they have ever made is ***, and worst of all it's *** that they ripped off from someone else. DOS, Windows, Xbox, Zune.

Muenster, Texas, United States #24017

yeah Dell + Microsoft = ***. People think 'oh wow a 300 dollar computer' get what you pay for unfortunately.

Currently I have two computers in my house, one is an iMac and the other is a custom-built.

I use my custom built (which actually does run Windows Vista relatively well, I say relatively because it was designed by Microsoft after all) for gaming and I use the Mac for everything else. It seems nowadays that all anyone wants is a computer at the cheapest prices possible, but I would rather pay more for the performance of a Macintosh, or a Custom Built Windows PC.

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