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Recently the BIOS locked me out of my computer. Apparently all I need is a simple password from Dell.

However, since my computer is over 2 years old the warranty is expired. They're trying to charge me $59 for "phone service"! I tried to argue and reason with them that I did not ask to have my computer protected, was never given the password when I bought it, therefore I shouldn't have to pay for it now!

What a scam! They institute a locking system that they know you'll have to pay for later on down the line.

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That is total garbage. Dell motherboards are really starting to *** me off.

Been trying to overclock an ATU Radeon 6320 GPU and 1.65GHz AMD CPU and they lock their BIOS. I payed for the *** computer if I want to ruin it that's my business. Who do they think they're protecting; and then to make you pay?

If I had a combustible lemon I would burn their house down. :?


I definitely don't mind them doing a lockout so much as having to pay for the password, when I am the rightful owner. Just another way for them to make money!

I googled it but it's very hard for the average person to unlock this - and I'm really computer savvy.

Luckily a friend who is a computer tech was able to download a program that generated codes and I unlocked it. I still have to enter it in each time I log in, but it's small bones compared to having to pay $60 for a few numbers.


If it's a desktop, there's an easy way to reset the password. Laptop, I applaud them for doing this, having just had my laptop stolen.

It'll assure that you're the legal owner of the laptop. But there are ways around it.

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