I used to be a Dell Fan and a repeat customer. In fact I am part of their employee purchase program through the National Association of Realtors

I purchased the Dell Inspiron 15 for 379.00 After the order was placed I recieved an email that my order would be canceled because of an error in my credit card information. I checked the information and changed the billing address. I proceeded to try for over two hours to verify the information was corrected by calling their foriegn customer service number I was transferred 7 times each department could not help me.

I tried the live chat which crashed.

Today Tuesday Dell Cancelled my order due to credit card refusal. I have been on hold for an hour and transferred to 4 differnet parties none of whom had any authority to help me correct the order mistake made by Dell. Their instant chat has an error and I have to give up making the call after an hour because I have to get ready for work.

As a result I will have wasted 4 hours of time and will not get the computer advertised.

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At least you wasted 4 hours and I'm on phone 5 days now and couldn't cancel my order and now return as it came to me. They are just waste company and I wouldn't suggest buying thinks from them at all even then give 70% cheaper period.


Dell is so crazy now. It doesn't take care of the customer at all. How can it do business like that?

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