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I purchased a laptop from Dell. I ordered Microsoft Office loaded on the computer. When I received it...no MS Office. I called Dell and got no satisfaction...they could not understand the problem. Out of pure frustration I went to Microsoft.com and purchased the software for $149.95. I would have left it at that but three weeks later I got an e-mail from Dell saying that they forgot to load the software and giving me instructions on how to dowload it for free.

I e-mailed back to say that I had purchased it elsewhere and that was where the fun began. I was asked for the Microsoft receipt no less than four times before they could understand the issue. After the fifth or sixth e-mail I was told that I paid $90 to have the software included on my computer and they would credit my account with $75. What?

Each time the e-mail came from a different person and sometimes I was back to square one with them not understanding the issue. Finally I received a snarky e-mail stating that they has no record of me ever calling them and I got what I paid for and now was trying to claim for something I didn't deserve.

That was when I wrote to Mr. Dell by Express mail signature required. I sent copies of all the ridiculous e-mails and all my receipts.

Yesterday I got an e-mail stating that they had called me and left a message....completely false. I called the number and found that I was back in India. I wrote to the CEO of the company in Texas and he sloughed it off to an incompetent in India. Insulting is not a strong enough word. I was told that I had been credited the $90 that had been charged when I bought the computer and that they had successfully resolved my complaint. I told them that I sent my letter to Texas and I wanted to speak to someone in Texas. I was told that is impossible.

So.. Dell is like the wizard of Oz. It is a sham American corporation that manufactures their computers in China and farms out their customer service to India....shame on Michael Dell and shame on any of us who buy another Dell product.

Monetary Loss: $149.

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They could have remoted into your machine to check your story, five minutes. Dunderheads.

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