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I purchased a Dell computer on Black Friday 2008. After ten wonderful months the hard drive crashed. Not a big deal, I contacted support. That was my first mistake. They told me that the error code I provided meant that my hard drive had crashed. I asked what they planned on doing to fix the situtation. They told me they would ship me a hard drive with all the correct software on it that my laptop came with. The tech told me that the computer hadn't been registered properly, which I didn't know. I asked for the link to input the required information to make sure it got in correctly. After a short arguement I decided to give the tech the information and they inputed it. I waited the period of time to receive my hard drive and it never showed up. I used the tracking code to find my hard drive and found that it was shipped to the wrong state. There is a huge difference between MO and MS. After many angry phone calls they got my hard drive rerouted and the address issue corrected. I installed the hard drive and booted the computer up.

After the computer did it's long install I found a new issue. They sent a hard drive with Vista 32 bit and my system had Vista 64 bit on it. I contacted Dell again (really getting old) and asked them why they sent the wrong drive. They informed me that the did in fact send the proper drive and that I didn't know what I was talking about. I informed them that I did know the difference and that I expected my computer to be in the same condition as it was before the crash. The told me that the new disks were coming and that I should get them in a few days. Again I wait, with a working computer that isn't the way it should be. After the required 4 days I again track my package and find it to be sitting in Mississippi again. So much for correcting the address. More phone calls and I finally get my disks to put 64 bit back on the computer. I go through the install process again and get ready to install the drivers. I put in the drivers disks and they don't work. I pull out my cell phone and goto Dell's contact and call support again (pretty sad they are in my contact list).

I wait the required 20 minutes to talk to a tech and they tell me that I shouldn't even have 64 bit Vista. I explain to the tech what is going on and what I need. He tells me that there are NO drivers disks for my system that work with 64 bit Vista. He tells me that my system can't run Vista 64 bit, but it worked fine for 10 months. He then tells me to get out my 32 bit disks and he would walk me throught the reinstall. I ask him what this will solve and he tells me that it will put 32 bit on my computer and the drivers will work. GREAT! Back to square one and I have to explain that I didn't have 32 bit, don't want 32 bit, and really don't need 32 bit. I contacted the retailer that I bought the computer from and they told me that they could put the drivers on for 64 bit Vista. I tell Dell that I'm so happy that they can't support their own systems and tell them that I will have someone else fix it. Finally a working computer.

After 2 months of operation my hard drive crashes again. 14 days AFTER my warrenty expires. I contact Dell hoping they will work with me because of the short period of time I have used the new hard drive. I get told that it will cost me $268 to extend my warrenty one year and then they will ship me another hard drive. I explained to the tech what drugs he must be on and that they can't support the system as is, so I'm not paying $268 to get a hard drive to turn around and pay someone else to put the drivers on it.

The tech support I received through the whole issue was horrible at best. Why sell something that comes out of a Dell box that you can't produce drivers and software for.

Review about: Dell Laptop.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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It doesn't matter what was on the hard drive. Just write over it with your install disk.

If you have a reason to have a a 64 bit computer, I'd hope you have that much sense.

I can't figure out why you bought a new drive...its not different.

I don't know why they were so much trouble though.Years back I had a friend who had the same problem and Dell sent someone out to fix everything for him and even recover his files. Guess it isn't what it used to be.


Follow up:

I requested the hard drive manufacturer contact me about the hard drive and I have received no word from them. I went to the local computer store, purchased a new hard drive, installed 64 bit Vista and found all of the drivers on DELLS SITE.

Wow, so much for them not being able to support it.

How about they were too lazy to try to solve the problems. This will be the only Dell I ever own.

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