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I placed an order with Dell 3/2. Rec'd a confirmation email.

Logged in via that email 3/3 just to check status and found that it had been canceled! Called customer service to find out why and what was going on. Three hours and two departments later I was told that the information I supplied Dell did not match what my Credit Card Company had so they canceled the order for me. I called Discover, info matched, Dell had valid authorization on card.

Discover said I could not cancel, Dell had to release authorization. Called Dell back, they said too bad. Have to place a new order and be charged again. Only way to get my authorization released was to call yet another number which is 866-696-5107.

This number is for "On Process Technology on Behalf of Dell"... whatever that means. This number goes automatically to voice mail. I have called 15 + times and left two messages.

More than two days later, no call back. Dell still has my money, and I have no computer, or hopes of getting one until this is resolved.

Massive waste of time and energy. Hopefully not money too.

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Had the same problem. Dell suck, They lie saying your info dont match with the bank, make you jump thru hoops in hopes of them selling you the product especially while they have your money on hold and cant purchase eslewhere. This company is ran by a bunch of outsourced idiots!


Please avoid acting with a superior affect if you're incapable of spelling 'bureaucracy' and it's variants, it makes you look rather silly.

In other news, credit card theft is a major issue - would you rather they never checked? Sounds like patience is warranted; a pre-auth would not take very long to expire.


Thanks for your comments. I am truly sorry you feel that way.

I am here to help anyone seeking assistance for their unresolved issue. Thanks, Lorna



Kindly bug off. I spoke with dozens of customer service at Dell. If you people cared about helping customer's this would have been taken care of a long time ago. You are a beuracratic nightmare. I wound up having to resolve this through my credit card! You are at best beuracratically inept and at worst thieves. This was the single worst customer service experience I have ever had. Good luck on your quest to clean the Internet up of negative comments. It will not happen.

Encourage your management to move your customer service back state side and resolve issues instead of "addressing" them and not doing anything. Dell will never see another penny from me.

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