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Buyer beware!!! I will never ever buy a Dell product again. "Customer Service" is an absolute JOKE! "Tech Service" is an even bigger JOKE! Eternal holds - Transfers to India and around the globe!!! LIES - and even more lies abound!!!

What started out as a question to reduce the icon size on my desktop has resulted in "technicians" in India who have deleted my business files - deleted programs - Re-configured my computer to the point it is completely ruined!

Let's not talk about the "MYSTERY" surrounding contact with getting to speak with anyone from the Home Office in Texas! UNBELIEVABLE!!!

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Do you people want to know why the customer service and tech support are substandard, and have moved overseas? Because you, the precious customer whine and caterwaul for cheap computers and the only way to get you a laptop for $399 is if we cut out things that are expensive, such as American tech support agents.

Remember when computers were no less than $1000? It wasn't that long ago, and it was back when service and support was outstanding.


I have been in corporate IT for over 10 years. My experience with Dell has largely been very positive from the corporate side. My experience with Dell on the consumer side has been a bit different, and due to my recent experiences with Dell, specifically Dell Financial Services, I will no longer be recommending or purchasing Dell equipment on the corporate side either.

I have had 3 dell laptops in the last 5 years, and 2 of the three died right after the warranty expired. I am now on my third Dell laptop (again this for personal consumer use). My wife and I are going through a personal financial crisis, and we are currently unable to pay our monthly bill for the laptop.

Dell Financial Services blatantly engages in illegal collection practices. If you check out the FTC website there is a list of things creditors are not allowed to do.

DFS calls my house several times a day. Once they called 13 times in one day. We sent a certified letter to DFS telling them to stop calling, and they are now still calling once a day. We have explained our situation to them, and they treat us like we are the *** of the earth for not being able to pay our bill. I am not saying I will never pay this bill, I just can't do it right now.

Their illegal and unethical collection practices have driven me to hate Dell.

I will be reporting them to the FTC, and I am betting they are treating other people this way as well. Class Action Law suit time.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #79880

I have NEVER posted any comments or opinions online, however, I feel that I must contribute to the ones posted about DELL...Everything that has been stated is true...I have also been treated the exact same way when calling DELL and all I was trying to do was PAY MY BILL!! One is constantly rerouted to departments that are not open or disconnected after being on hold forever...

You would think that a computer company would have this vital aspect of their business figured out! If purchasing a DELL take heed and purchase something else...the frustration is not worth it.


I suggest that everyone who gets forwarded to India make a tape recording of your conversations. I too will NEVER buy a Dell Product again.

On one morning alone they transfered me 14 times (that's right fourteen) between tech service and customer service - never once fixing the problem (got it on tape). The problem - the I/O magic external drives had a flaw and they were sending them out to customers KNOWING that they had a high probability of failure (the representatives own words - on tape - "for training purposes" of course). For over 9 months and 3 replacements I had NO way of burning a CD! Then another "Tech Supervisor" couldn't get the preloaded Audio Player from the default play list - Control panel wouldn't work, Settings wouldn't work - finally they said, "I'll have to transfer you to another technician, or you'll just have to uninstall the program entirely!" They installed an automatic override in the software so that MS Media Player would not become the default!

They I checked the files of the "preloaded software" - only to find out that my netbook was a return, that they sent me out and didn't even cleanup the garbage that Norton found when when I ran Systemworks. Great job Dell - service straight out of ***!


did you even think to use the help menu in your computer to find out how to do this yourself?

sorry,but if you can't find out how to and change the size yourself, maybe you should find a computer literate friend or leave it alone. I mean that is a simple thing to do yourself. why call support to find out what you could read?

Oh, as I can see from most posts on here~ no one wants to read anything for themselves....they'd rather blame others for telling them wrong.


I had the same experience as the comments above. The people in India are horrible.

They don't care. They lie to you, hang up on you, and are not willing to help at all. I bought 3 mini laptops before Christmas and only received 1. My order was changed and so I did not get the second laptop until after Christmas, and my third computer order was cancelled.

Now I had to reorder it, and they would not give me the previous price even though I have documentation showing the sale price.

I also got charged for shipping when I was not before. I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM DELL AGAIN.

East Rockaway, New York, United States #5363

the OP is a troll.

Lanham, Maryland, United States #2911

I have had the same terrible experience. It was an absolute nightmare.

I have been bounced from department to department without a solution. I have been denied to speak to a customer service manager. I will never buy DELL again and I will strongly discourage anyone from buying DELL.

I am so upset that I can't not even stand to see DELL written anywhere! DELL is horrible.

Norrkoping, Ostergotlands Lan, Sweden #1113

"curious what might have actually caused this"


Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia #820

I’m at Dell Headquarters in Austin, Texas and I just came across this post. I'm sorry to hear this was such an ordeal and am curious what might have actually caused this.

Changing the screen resolution or other display settings should be a fairly straightforward task in most cases. Also, many of our newer systems are shipping with more options for backing up data so hopefully one of those was in use. If you have any questions or need help with something, do post back.


Dell, Inc.

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