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Dell has intentionally constructed a brain damaging customer “support” obstacle course …

- starting with an endless series of phone prompts,

- moving on to messages like “sorry our system is down, please call back later” or “we are currently experiencing technical difficulties, please try again later” or “your wait time may exceed 10 minutes”,

- of course there are countless deliberate disconnects,

- more brain damaging repeated requests for the same information,

- mind boggling inter-departmental referrals/finger pointing,

- being given other Dell support numbers that don’t work

… all adding up to literally days and days and days of frustration .... carefully crafted to make you go insane and stop calling because it is sooo unbelievably difficult and painful to actually resolve anything ... enough to make even the most serene Buddhist Monk go completely postal.

Review about: Dell Technical Support.

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I've owned a number of Dell's. They used to be professional and trustworthy.

Now they're just "too big for their britches".

When this one dies, as I'm certain it soon will, I intend to take it apart in as many pieces as possible, make the 4 hr. drive to Austin, and dump it with the printer and router in the main lobby of Dell Headquarters.

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