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I purchased a laptop in September 2009 even though I knew Windows 7 was coming out in October 2009 since I was told from the salesperson that the computer would be loaded with Windows Vista but I would get a free upgrade to Windows 7 for my computer. My receipt and email confirmation says eligible for free upgrade to Windows 7 but did not tell me the deadline. I assumed 1 year from purchase or that I would be sent a CD since it did not appear anywhere. I would not have purchased my laptop 1 month early if I knew this would be such a hassle.

Well, unfortunately, I dared to have a life - I gave birth, tried to help a family member fighting alcoholism, got down-sized from my job (moved to a lesser position)... you get the picture - so I missed the March 31, 2010 deadline that they never communicated to me but expected me to call them about. Their CS Rep asked what I was doing that I missed the deadline also... if I was at home picking my nose, it still does not excuse them from not being clear.

They say they sent an email that told me the deadline was March 31, 2010. I never received it. I would be happy to allow them to subpoena my yahoo and gmail email accounts if they want proof. In fact... the only emails I received from them are spam solicitations to try and get me to spend more.

So, ultimately... fine - we are both at fault. They should have put a deadline on my receipt and confirmed I received the email and I should have tried to follow up. But they did nothing at all to help remedy the situation - no shared purchase since it was both our faults. Instead the customer service rep blabbed some *** about how he knows I'm upset and he's upset too since he can't help me. I would expect this from a lesser company, I was surprised and disgusted to get this kind of BS from Dell.

So, moral of the story... buyer beware and if you can't find the fine print, you have to call them to find it or you'll be screwed.

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Dell has gone down the tubes in the past few years. Quality is down big time and if you want to get help it is in INDIA that you are being helped by the technician that wants to put you on hold with each question you ask. I was on the phone for 2 hrs trying to get a simple thing straightened out and they just kept passing me on to other people who would then say " that is not this department" and click and silence and then a recording how important the call is to them and someone will be with me in a moment.

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