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Dell Computer ~ Fraud and Fiction

After multiple, and I mean multiple attempts to contact someone at the corporate office in Texas I have yet to see signs of life. I questioned a Dell representative on a Facebook post who only gave me his initials and asked if Dell Computers actually have personnel employed in the United States? One might say well that is *** of course they do.

In fact Dell's headquarters in Round Rock, Texas as of 2010 employs about 16,000 people in that facility. I have asked through e-mails to key executives including Mr. Dell to speak with a resolution specialist in the USA and have been denied this request. I am forwarded to India where I have been treated like a 3rd rate citizen, mislead, fraud committed in the promise of a replacement system which was to be brand new.

Their Quality Control is state of the art and Mr. Dell should be proud of his innovational achievements. "The power to do more" I personally think the QA team was malnourished because they were obviously lacking the power on my replacement unit which was sent to me with an inferior hard drive and the state of the art craftsmanship listed below:

1) Screws were lose on the video card support.

2) Dust/caked on dirt was on the video card stabilizer

3) Dust/caked on dirt on the CPU fan

4) Dust/caked on dirt on the side case fan

5) Dust all over the video card

6) Dust all over the mother board panel cover

7) Dust/caked on dirt between front panel and drive bays

To mention a few!

Dell computer boasts in their credo: "Dell. Purely You.", and Dell Values - Vision Statement:

"Dell is committed to being a good neighbor in the communities we call home. We must continue to grow responsibly – protecting our natural resources and practicing sustainability in all its forms – and improve the communities where we live and work through our financial and volunteer efforts."

But I was more concerned if maybe the case of fraud committed against me (noun: deceit, trickery, sharp practice, or breach of confidence, perpetrated for profit or to gain some unfair or dishonest advantage) was an isolated incident.

 In March 2007 an article titled "Computer Giant Faces Consumer Lawsuit Consumers Allege They Didn't Get the Tech Support They Paid For" appeared on an ABC News website.[8] "Part of the suit claims that though Dell gave the impression of an "award-winning service" available to consumers "24 hours a day, seven days a week", consumers faced "nightmarish obstacles" to get help and technical service for their computers. New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo said that New York had received 700 complaints about Dell "” more than the number of complaints for any other related subject.

 In May 2007, Andrew Cuomo filed a lawsuit against Dell for "false advertising and deceptive business practices, including offering misleading financing, and failing to honor rebates, warranties and service contracts". [1] Dell spokesman Bob Pearson portrayed the lawsuit as based on only a small portion of Dell's customers and as in no way reflecting the way the company treats its customers. Dell's hardware-warranty contract says that customers must troubleshoot over the phone "” including possibly opening the computer "” before Dell will send a technical service provider to replace a part. On May 27, 2008, State Supreme Court Justice Joseph Teresi required Dell to clarify its financing and warranty criteria, saying the computer maker engaged in fraud, false advertising, deceptive business and abusive debt-collection practices.[9] Parties have filed more than 1,000 additional complaints with the attorney general's office since the initial filing of the lawsuit in May 2007.[10]

In 2005, complaints about Dell more than doubled to 1,533, after earnings grew 52% that year.[97]

In 2006, Dell acknowledged that it had problems with customer service. Issues included call transfers[98] of more than 45% of calls and long wait times. Dell's blog detailed the response: "We're spending more than a $100 million "” and a lot of blood, sweat and tears of talented people "” to fix this."[99] Later in the year, the company increased its spending on customer service to $150 million.[100] Despite significant investment in this space, Dell continues to face public scrutiny with even the company's own website littered with complaints regarding the issue escalation process.[101]

This list goes on and on!

Obviously The Dell Corporation does not give much consideration to their customers which is their life line and to their own credo or mission statement! When individual such as myself challenges and demands to be treated with respect and consideration they laugh in our face.

None of us are immune to the business practices of fortune 500 companies and most will cower tuck tail and run home!

"A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us "” we are dependent on him. He is not an outsider in our business "” he is a part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him … he is doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to do so."

~Unknown Author~

I would ask that if you agree to please re-post and allow our voices to be heard!!!

Thank you

Ken Garneau

Review about: Dell Technical Support.

Monetary Loss: $2300.

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I ordered a Dell computer and for what should have been an easy purchase has turned into a nightmare.They have cancelled my order twice now for no reason.

The last time was because they called my work and pronounced my name so badly that they were told no one by that name worked there. When I called the same person who called me I asked him who he asked for and when he said my name even I couldn't tell it was me! Order has now been placed again except they canceled the order for the Bose speakers, said it was because of a processing error by their backend team and they issured me a credit that I will see in a couple of months.

I told them I want the speakers and to make it right or I will be the next one to cancel an order and go and buy a HP.Waiting for their answer...


"Yes 90% of what I hear about DELL is how wrong they treat their buyers.Eventually DELL's luster will become dull and lifeless.

It's like the architect business, they do a wonderful job of building fancy buildings but don't follow up with proper cleaning philosophies...that's why beautiful buildings end up looking like garbage 6 years later.

I was going to buy a DELL but after researching their lack of support, I went with Apple.Apple is no glory story but I narrowed it down to a viable purchase.

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