Update by user Feb 06, 2012

Update in response to comments about the video - Please turn your audio off, what you hear is background noise; sorry about that. Also, what you see is the actual flicker of the laptop display which indicates that the laptop is locked-up and the screen will continue to flicker in this manner indefinitely. Thanks for your comments.

Update by user Feb 03, 2012

One item that was omitted was that on two occasions Dell Support (India) hung up on me. This infuriates me to no end since I had to start at the end of the support phone Que each time I called.

On the third attempt I yelled at the support tech and told him \"DON\'T HANG UP ON ME OR I WILL CALL UP VISA AND GET A REFUND ON MY CREDIT CARD!!!\" Then explained the problem I was having - Unfortunately he lacked the technical expertise to complete the troubleshooting and passed me of to someone else who would only tell me it was a \"DRIVER\" issue.

This is incorrect since 1) I loaded Windows7 32bit and drivers and had the video problem 2) re-loaded Windows7 64bit and drivers and still had the problem. The conclusion I came to is that there is a hardware problem since either operating system and drivers resulted in the same video lockup.

Original review posted by user Feb 03, 2012

I am having a problem with or runaround with Dell customer support. 1) several attempts to resolve problems using "Chat" service were unsuccessful because the Chat service has been disabled but is still listed on their website as an option. 2) Calling India (yes still support from India!) leads to mis-diagnoses and they haven't yet been helpful in resolving the problem or allowing a return. 3) Emailing "Orders" for a replacement results in an email response to call India for technical support or send the product back for a refund - I WANT AN EXCHANGE! This is terrible customer support. I am posting here as a warning to those who insist on Dell for a laptop and am pursuing a replacement from Dell.

Computer Problem Description:The Video hardware in my Dell Inspiron is defective where video hardware locks up and the computer has to be re-booted. See youtube videos below. (it's not a driver problem)

Windows7 64bit Hardware problem w/ video card

Same problem w/ Windows7 32bit; hardware problem where video hardware locks up and the computer has to be re-booted

Product or Service Mentioned: Dell Laptop.

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"your "video" on youtube made absolutely no sense. Poor quality and low volume on audio made for an exercise in futility"

Sorry about your interpretation of the video.

The video was mainly for Dell Tech support and there should have been no audio however attempts to edit out the audio had no effect. Bottom line, if you review the video again, keep in mind that this is a video showing the computer locked-up and the laptop display flickers just as the video shows until the laptop is rebooted.

Just after this video was taken, I closed the "lid" or put the display down forgetting that "sleep" mode is controlled by the operating system. Twenty minutes later I heard clicking and buzzing sounds and to my surprise when I opened the laptop the video was still like the video shows and only went away after I rebooted the laptop.


Addendum: I just checked on HP and found they have terrible customer support and it also is in India. Zounds!! If you want to know about a company's customer service, follow this link:


your "video" on youtube made absolutely no sense. Poor quality and low volume on audio made for an exercise in futility.

However-------I am in the process of researching in order to buy a new computer.

I like the models and spec. on the site, even tho it can become expensive if I configure it the way I REALLY want. I have also researched on the site. I am glad you posted the problems with Dell customer support.

I will definitely stay away from Dell. I want no part of foreign support. I have had some really bad experiences with support being in India, Philippines, etc. I do NOT need the hassle, especially if I am shelling out alot of money.

I will have to research and see where HP has it's support. It's a shame Gateway no longer sells online. I have two Gateways, both over 6 years old, still up and running. I never had to call support for them, so not know where their support located.

Gateway apparently now sells only to stores like BestBuy, etc. Of course, I now refuse to buy anything at all from BestBuy due to their arrogance, lack of stocking products on sale and the fact that they are in deep trouble financially and you may not be able to get any support from them after they file for bankruptcy.

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