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fatal error message which locks up my computer. i been through 8 techs and a tech manager.

now im not computer savvy but if these people from india are techs im a monkeys uncle. look out mac here i come . dell tech support and customer service sucks.

i spent 5 weeks trying to resolve this fatal error issue with these goons and many hours on the phone each tech did exactly the same functions to no avail.

so here i sit pissed and still have a computer that dont work correctly and dell dont give a hoot . so mac is back in my house

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El Ejido, Andalusia, Spain #29772

I completely agree with you, I had the same problem with my computer, but I think that I was more patience on that, but I wont buy DELL anymore.

I had a problem with my computer, and as you said, they just sent new part and new parts, and the computer still having the same problem, some parts were replace twice and some three times, but the most *** thing was that a technitian came one day to replace the motherboard, and another one came back the next day the replace the motherboard again... can you imagine how much time I lost!!!

Actually, the computer still having the problem, and now... finally, after two week of fight with customer care, technical support and an supervisors, they are going to replace the computer, and that will take one week to order and another week to deliver it... More than a month, so, believe me, this technical support just sucks, they lie to me several times... and actually this is not the fist time that I had problems with this computer, every time that I have a problem, probably take me about a week to solve it.

An another thing, is about the Diagnosis test, those are such an inaccurate test, because I was having problems with my fan and my harddrive, and the test still saying that everything was ok, even when I was turning on the computer says that I have a hardfrive problem, they just run the diagnosis and pass it, and they said.. the Harddrive is fine, doesn't need to replace it, after a week of complaints they finally decide to replace it, they dont ever care about the customer, or custormer thoughts, :( I think they just wanted you to give up trying to solve the problem and buy another computer... no way... I know some people doesn't complain because I was a very cheap computer, but you have to... Actually I paid more than 2000 USD for this one, but even if I pay only 700 USD I'll complaint about it.

Can you Imagine the amount of money that I lost because this computer is not working for more than 2 weeks and I still dont have a solution, cuz I have to wait two weeks more to receive the new one?, I can even buy a new one, yeah... but that one will be an apple.

My advice is... if you are going to use your computer for work, never, but never buy a DELL, even if you are under the business program, mine one was under the business program, because I used to have one in the home and office program but it takes a lot of time to solve the problems, so this one I bought it under the business program and still taking the same time to solve a problem: FOREVER.

So, don't buy it if you are planning to use for business, cuz you never know how long that will take to solve the problem and how much time you will spend taking in the phone (pretty much is like 95% waiting for somebody to help and 1% saying you information that at the end of the day the guy in the phone will ask always the information that you put in the phone, and 3% transfering to one department to another, and NOBODY will help you!!!).

So, if you paid 2000 uss for a laptop, at the end it cost you double for the time that you lost and the money that you lost because is not working.

But, if you are a very.... veeeeeeerrrryyyyyy... i mean super verrrryyy patient, that you can wait months for somebody to help solving a problem that you computer might have.... I'll carefully recommend a DELL because it's cheap, without taking into account the money that you will lose because the computer is not working.

I forgot this other thing, they supposed to have an history of your computer issues in the system right? But this doesn't work, because everytime that you call you have to explain the problem, and if they transfer to somebody else, that somebody will ask for the problem again, and if that guy try something to solve and doesn't work will transfer to another guy that will ask you what happend again an will try the same thing that the guy before, so... why they give you a case number... it never works... so I suggest, If you already have a dell, don't let them transfer, try to... because they will keep transferring and transferring, take that guy an dont hang up until they solve the problem, but first take all the information of the guy, cuz when they get tired, they used to hang up, and you have to start over again !!!

:( With the information of the guy that was with you in the phone, you can write back to the supervisor and complaint about it... anyways... they'll never do anything if you write a friendly letter to the surpervisor, you have to be picky with the service, and write a real letter explaining how frustrated you are with the problem and the hurry that you have to solve the problem, otherwise they never gonna put attention on the letter.

You know, I spent my whole life calling to DELL and now I have experience how they treat you and everything, so it never has to be like this... so if you need some advice, I'll be glad to assist you... (I'm starting to sound like a dell technician.. jajaj).

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