Very rude customer support. I was calling to ask for assistance in fixing my son's alienware computer that was having a boot problem because the hard disk drive not found.

Tech was telling me that I have to tell the truth who changed the configuration so he can help me. And I said I don't even know because I don't use this computer and I was just calling in behalf of my son. Considering that it was changed unintentionally, all I need is of them to tell me what to do so that next time it happens I know. But he kept on saying I have to be honest and that if the problem is with the software, we need to talk about the cost of fixing the problem.

Sounds like this tech in not even here in the U.S. because he has an accent.

The worst customer support I have dealt with. Dell needs to train their support on being friendly and helpful and not insulting and blaming their clients who are asking for assistance.

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