I am the owner of a DELL Studio Laptop, I have had this laptop for 1 year 4 months. I purchased the 3 year extended warranty. with Home Tech Service.

In the time I have owned this computer I have had Tech Issues with this unit. It has been a LEMON Computer.

I have had the Screen Replaced 2x now for Flickering (took 3 techs and being shipped into the Depot to get it fixed)

Motherboard has been replaced 3x now

Power Adapter has been replaced 2x now and still keep getting the Error that it is the wrong Power Adapter.

My computer has been shipped back to DEPOT now 3 times, and now I have to wait for Corporate offices to call me back on Monday because they are closed now to see if they will Replace the Computer. If they dont they will get it back in Pieces

Dealing with Dell Tech Support Is a Nightmare, First you have to find someone who speaks clear enough English that you can understand them. Then you end up on the phone with them for 2 hours. telling you what you already knew that a service call would have to be issued.

I am So FED up with DELL right now I am almost willing to take a Hammer to this laptop and ship it to the President of DELL letting him know what I think of his Computers.

If you were thinking about purchasing a DELL I recommend you look toward other manufactures if not I pray you do not have the same problems I have had. Mike Osborne

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Hi, my name is Lorna, and I work for Dell. We are happy to look into this matter on your behalf.

Please follow us @DellCares on Twitter on contact us on Facebook dot com /dellfeedback.

Please Direct Message your Email Address and your Service Tag or Order # for assistance. We look forward to hearing from you.


First off...NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER buy extended warranties!!!! They are a rip-off...all of them.

Two, research the exact model you are considering before you buy. Find out what the company warranty is all about...do you have to ship it off to get repaired or do they come to you? Where is the tech support?

(INDIA = FAIL) Your adapter issue is strange..did Dell replace the bad one with a Dell adapter or a 3rd market one? If the adapter is not supplying the power recommended by Dell that could be causing your screen problems but it would be a bit unusual.

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