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Is there no more support from Dell in AMERICA. I am sick & tired of trying to understand someone in India that constantly apologizes and understands my issue but cant help me.

I even tried to make a purchase of a Dell laptop, just to see if I could get an AMERICAN to help me. No way. What does one have to do. Close your accounts with them and never do business with them anymore.

They suck at service and sales and there product the past few years have sucked. Take it from on someone who is now stuck with 6 Dell computers, but will never buy another one again.

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4 dell laptops and none of these *** work. WTF!

Not one of these computers will boot up. Nothing special happened they just stopped working. Will not boot up if my life depended on it. Not even the one 1 yr old laptop will boot up.

Dell company sells piece of *** products for a lot of *** money. I told my husband this was a horrible idea to buy Dell but he thought he knew better. Well as usual he don't know ***!

Especially about computers. So freaking pissed off!


Hi DW,

I truly regret any difficulties you may have encountered in your interactions with Dell. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.




Hi DW, I am just following up to be certain your concerns have been addressed. Please contact me if you still need assistance. I am happy to help.




Hi DW, my name is Lorna and I work for Dell. Thanks for your comments and bringing your experince to our attention.

Please email your account name and service tag or order # to

I am happy to look into your concerns.

Thank you,



The DELL Co. gives Internet a Bad Reputation! Responding to the person upset with Outsourcing~~I feel your pain & evidently DELL did too. That is why you can PURCHASE their "North American Tech Support Team"!

I bought it ... I was up to my ears in DELL purchases that what the heck was a few more dollars if I could understand them?..There actually were people I could have a conversation with! ...

When I realized DELL was charging me for Late Payments, I gave up & Gave EVERYTHING DELL away...yes - GAVE!

Dell had made contacting them & getting answers so difficult in the past that I was unable to Retrieve My Acct # & therefore unable to SEE my bill, I just kept sending $$$ around the same date every mo. That date I found out MUCH too late was AFTER my Due Date so I was charged Late Charges for Late Charges. I could go on forever, but I won't, I prefer dealing with The BBB.


Just because you don't know how to use a computer it does not mean that this is a bad company

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