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A friend of ours ordered a computer and printer and used paypal. Dell charged him twice for the computer and printer and now he's out $1,000 until they decide to reimburse him.

This man was homeless and is in a wheelchair. And he will be homeless again if the money isn't returned.

I was on a bank account with him and they took $600 out of my account because he was overdrawn.

Michael is going to hear from our lawyer! We have also talked to the state consumer affairs.

Anyone have this happen with Dell? Beware of Dell! Joanne

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I had purchased a 07 honda civic in july of 2007. 62,000 Miles and only two and a half years i have a cracked block.

Coolant leaking from beneath my car caught my attention. I thought it might be a loose hose or even cracked. 45 minutes later after having the dealership look under the hood, I have an estimate of 4,568.98$!! They said the enging block had a crack and was in need of a replacement.

How can this be?!

Then come to realize that im not the only one. Can we please discuss this issue.

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