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a simple request to return and or exchange a product that i was misinformed about has been a nightmare. my experience with dell has been nothing short of appalling. The customer service reps are inadequately educated in their jobs. Also there are no other contact numbers outside of customer service to help. I'm am going to keep this brief and not include all the issues that arose while placing this order, waiting for delivery and the multiple attempts to get this rectified.

I will focus on the very last call which is a perfect example of my experience with dell. The External bluray drive part number 313-7799 is what I have been trying to return or exchange. I purposely contacted CS prier to purchasing, to find out if the drive was compatible with my pc and was told it was. upon arriving, I found that the drive was not at all compatible. when i contacted dell i was told i needed to purchase another component to make it work. Had i been told this in advance i would have purchased another model.

Instead of purchasing the rather pricey extra component i opted to return the drive and purchase a different model. I have yet to be able to do so. When i contact CS, i am transferred endlessly and each person listens to my case and just keeps transferring me. finally i was directed to my final rep who tried to convince me that there was no blu ray drive on my account, even tho i had the paper invoice in front of me and the electronic one up on my pc screen as well as the fact that every rep before was able to see it, she attempted to end the call by saying she could not help me. I told her this was unacceptable and she would either need to help or find someone who could.

She then tried to convince me that the drive was a gift with purchase. I politely informed her that this was a 300 dollar unit which i picked out after contacting dell over compatibility, and I HAVE THE INVOICE.. She kept telling me she could not help. I told her this call was not going to end till she did or found someone who could. i was placed on hold for about 15mins, this is after spending an hour and half getting redirected. Finally she came back and said that the monitor i had purchased and the drive were a combo unit. I again explained, that they are not a combo unit, the reason i was returning the drive is because it is incompatible with my pc, and does not connect to the monitor either.

they were chosen on different pages and have nothing to do with each-other. She continued to try and convince me that they were a combo unit. I told her i could give her the model number for the unit and she could see for herself that the drive is not sold with a monitor. she would not take the model number, and went back to her original theory that it was a permotional gift. So after losing my cool and loudly demanding she put someone on who knew what they were doing. she again placed me on hold and this time i was disconnected..this was my third and most frustrating attempt to return this blu ray drive. my 21 day return window is fast approaching and i'm out of options. I'm starting to feel as tho this model was sold to me with the intention to force me to buy additional components

My Desired Resolution:

I would just like to exchange this for a blu ray drive with a standard usb connection and not the pci sata controller card port required for this model, which apparently no pc store sells or was even aware it was being used. Am I asking for so much? I am willing to pay the difference if the model is more expensive. What is the problem?

after submitting this report to the bbb I again attempted to contact and was told i had to return my monitor along with the drive, which makes no sense they are separate items and i am quite happy with the monitor, I just want to exchange my drive, i ended up buying the additional component only to still have this drive not work. customer service is useless

Monetary Loss: $259.

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I have just lost a 800.00 lab top. Location Round rock texas.

Ups delievry. CANNOT FIND LAB TOP. THEY cannot help me.

5 hours on phone poor service. Will see attorney tomorrow..


there is no coop number to call, they have it set up so they dont have to deal with customer issues..

That being said my issue was resolved by me. I started multiple complaint articles and forum posts plus opened a report ticket with the BBB and an offical complaint to the AG office near the coor. headquaters of Dell. then i faxed a copy of everything i did to dell along with various emails i found on the net for dell, within 24 hours dell called me back and fixed everything.

the problem is dell doesnt want complaints made against them, but they manage to not have to improve CS because most customers will not go as far as I did..

their a really sad company.


Just called to order a monitor from DELL. It was advertised in a sales ad for $50 instant rebate.

Customer service rep Renna told me there was NO $50 instant rebate!!! He told me to scan a copy of the AD and then IF there was a rebate they would pay shipping..emailed back, and guess what..they honored the ad!! He called me within minutes to take my order info and REFUSED to honor the free shipping! What a bunch of JACKASSES!

I had to jump thru hoops to get the freaking monitor and now they won't honor their end of the agreement!



No *** with this one.

Do you have a SATA controller on your main board? Just about every PC has a SATA controller after I believe 2005. It has become a standard. You have to look inside but you should see a black connector on the mainboard that looks a lot like the cabel that you are trying to connect. Same size and shape atlease.

If not and you bought the PC after 2005 you have been ripped off big time.

I used to order all IT equipment for my company. When I took it over I got the *** away from Dell. IBM is no better so I decided to go with Asus for notebooks and build PC's myself. Cheaper and easier.

I bought a bluray ROM for my daughters PC last year and was no probs. then again it's not a dell...

I had a Dell notebook at home that I would live to chuck in the trash. I did one better. I gave it to my exwife! :upset


Don't even start with me on Dell. Never again.

EVER. CS stinks, nobody speaks English, you get charged for a phone conversation - even if you don't get asked for a credit card number.

They HAVE your number from when you bought the computer. I was stunned.

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