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Faulty unit reported to Vodacom Customer Care on Wed 30th May – Vodacom Technician was dispatched to resolve problemTechnician arrived Fri 1st Jun – could not help as it is hardware issue - was referred to Cellucity in Canal Walk, Century City, Cape TownReported to Cellucity on Fri 1st Jun – manager Olinca immediately referred me to Dell Call Centre as it is a warranty issueCellucity Technical representative Mzwa telephoned Dell Call Centre to problem shoot – confirmed a HDD faultDell Technician dispatched on Mon 4th Jun – installed refurbished HDD, but no drivers, no quality check – machine was still faulty Cellucity Technical representative Mzwa telephoned Dell Call Centre to report problem – Dell Technical Call Centre instructed Cellucity Technician Mzwa to install drivers from installation pack – did not succeedCellucity Technician Mzwa telephoned Dell Call Centre to problem shoot – confirmed problem with driversDell Technician dispatched Tue 5th Jun to install drivers – did not resolve issueDell Technician dispatched Wed 5th Jun to download drivers from internet– Cellucity could not provide network – Dell Technician replaced faulty power cable; driver issue not resolvedCellucity Technician Mzwa telephoned Dell Call Centre to report problem on Wed 5th Jun – Dell Technical Call Centre arranged for drivers to be sent via courier2012 Driver CD couriered to Cellucity on Thur 6th Jun – Cellucity Technician Mzwa's attempt to install drivers from Driver installation CD did not resolve issueClient phoned Dell Customer Care to report dissatisfaction - matter referred to International Call Centre by supervisor MohnFri 7th Jun Cellucity Technician tried to download drivers off Dell website – did not resolve issueFri 7th Jun Krishna from International Customer Care Department phoned Client to confirm that it is was decided by Dell to not issue a replacement unit but to continue with driver installation – Client confirmed dissatisfaction with decision in that the issue of a replacement was never discussed and that the numerous and repeated attempts by Dell Technicians to install drivers had all proved unsuccessfulThe Client has now incurred expenses of lost income, cellular calls to Dell Call Centre & Cellucity shop, travel to shop, parking fees due to the delay and incompetent service by Dell TechniciansClient will report the matter to Ombudsman and Consumer Council for contravention of Consumer Act by Dell and Vodacom - the parties to this issue have all failed to deliver according to the mandate of the Consumer Act. Compensation will now be demanded by the Client due to the above case record.

Review about: Dell Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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I've had bad experiences with Dell tech support. It's not so much that they are bad but that they are crooks and liars.

They want they have to sell you something even if it takes wrecking your computer and then blackmailing you into giving them MONEY. The Dell sales picked out a great computer for me...but I'd hesitate to buy from them again because tech support are crooks. And if something went wrong I'd be up the creek.

Too bad. Here's an example of Dell tech support: my new Dell XPS computer was working great but I had a question and called Dell, they transferred me to tech support..they did remote control with GoToAssist ....they installed IYODI and wrecked my computer with it...and were going to leave me wrecked unless I paid $200 for a year of tech support...then when I called and complained they said I was a liar that they would never install IYODI on my computer...anyway, I got my $200 back...but had to spent $100 for a Microsoft certified tech support to remotely undo the damage Dell tech support did.


It took me 2 years and ridiculous amounts of enormous time spent on phone calls to Dell Customer Service and Support before one Agent finally understood that I had been sent a defective computer and gave me the phone number to a Dell Dept. in Round Rock that scheduled a Computer Tech Agent to come to my home.

He installed a new hard drive and the extra RAM, Word Program and delivered the CD ROM that I paid for and did not get for 2 years into my 3 year Service Contract. I have bought 2 computers since then. Buying a Dell Computer was the worst business experience I had had in my life.

I will never buy another Dell even the total price for a computer, CRT screen, keyboard, speakers, and a Word Professional Office Suites total package starts selling for $1.00 plus free shipping. Dell has had a bad reputation for at least a decade.

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