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I ordered a Laptop computer on Feb 28 with the following order # 2/22/2017 2005742874461 Delivered 3/3/2017 (Delivered) BASE,NBK,BTX,INS,5765 191094134 My product came on March 03. Upon receipt of the computer, I verified all the components.

The Video Card memory had to be $GB per order that I made. My surprise was that Video Card had only 1 GB for the dual processing cards with additional card had 512 GB. So the video card was incorrectly configured for the laptop I ordered. I called the customer care to complain.

They send me to Tech support. The tech support again sent me customer care it is supposed to be tech support for the new products. After second time, customer care agreed to take the product back. I returned the product on Mar 21.

On March 22 another replacement computer came. 3/14/2017 2005757369688 Delivered 3/22/2017 (Delivered) BASE,NBK,BTX,INS,5765 197568958 This one supposed to be correcting the configuration of the Video Card for the memory size 4GB in place of 1 GB of the previous computer ( See the order details below) To my surprise it was the same configuration that I received first place. Again I called customer care. Same routine of phone transfers from Customer care to Tech support and back and forth for 3 days.

Process is: Nobody know what is actually to be done for faulty order. Finally one good customer care person came on and understood my complain. Person said that first of all this is not an exchange that was wrong. The person told me to return the product and said further Dell will refund the money.

I asked for fixing the issue. The person told me Dell will not fix the wrong new computer configuration and best option is return the product for credit back to my account. I have been Dell customer for the last 15 or more years. This is the first time Dell sent me incorrect computer and the employees working for Dell argued with me it was a correct configuration.

Simple System Information will show all the components with their sizes. My time was wasted. Dell need to understand this. If this kind low quality workers who are not able to understand what is wrong with order, customers will go another manufacturer.

Oh man I had enough with these Dell customer service persons. Customer Service person named Derrick threatened me and pointed to me I was wrong. Now Dell advertises one thing and sends another configuration. Look above how many times I tried to correct them.

Dell did not correct. It means cheating and making fraud claims

Product or Service Mentioned: Dell Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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