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Once again, I just got off the phone with Dell TCS in India. They once again said they would send for the computer to fix it. This is now the fouth time. I have had this issue with this NEW computer since i got it on the 14th. Please is there some number, email somthing I can call in the US. I need some help this is costing me lots of money. The Dell people don't understand.

In writing this note my computer has gone down 2 times.

I received my Inspiron 1720 on March 14th 2008 at 2pm cst. At 4pm cst I was on the phone to Dell technical support.

The Problem:

Without warning, my computer shuts down and all data is lost.

Dell technical Support resolutions:

Almost every day From 14th until today I have call Dell technical support. As a result, I have uninstalled the OS three times, remove any and all MS updates, run the machine with and without internet. Also I have changed the power setting, run system hardware checks 4 times and allow each one of the technicians to connect and try their hand at fixing the problem. To know resolution.

Dell promises:

A Dell manger and/or technician has, promised to (4 times) send a box by DHL in order to bring the computer back to the “depot” , (3) replace the computer, (5) times have a Sr Technician or Exec Management call me. None of these promises happen. In desperation, I offered pay the shipping cost just to get my computer fixed.

My request:

1) I would like at this point for Dell to replace this computer.

2) As a IT PM consultant, this is really impacting my job. So my request is that this matter be resulted within the next 5days.

3) I would appreciate a call from Dell with a resolution proposal that they would honor.

4) Last but not least, Dell to ensure that it makes good on any and every promises it makes.

I have been a customer of Dell since 96. I based by patronage on the knowledge that , I am only one customer, but I have always trusted Dell to treat me as if I were their only customer. This is why I have recommend Dell products to my customers and have only purchased Dell products for organizations I have managed. However, this situation has left me questioning my decisions

Review about: Dell Technical Support.

Monetary Loss: $2300.

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