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So I order an Xbox One bundle for my son from Dell who has been advertising a Black Friday deal for days leading up to it. I wait until the second the "Order" button is enabled and click into it and the bundle I want is not available.

So after some discussion with my wife and son we decide to try another bundle. This one is available (we think) and I am able to confirm the order and I get an email with the details of the order. For a couple of days I watch the status change from Pre-Production to Production. The next status change should be Shipped. Last night I checked the status and to my surprise, the status is Canceled.

So, naturally I called Dell Customer Service to find out what the deal was with my order. After waiting on hold for 10 minutes or so I got a woman who started asking me questions that had nothing to do with my problem. Eventually I got a word in and she determined that she needed to transfer me to Customer Service.

So... I waited on hold for a few more minutes and I got a gentleman on the phone. When I asked him why my order was canceled, he informed me that they were out of stock. I told him it wasn't out of stock when you confirmed my order 5 days ago. When I asked him what he could do for me, he simply said that I could order a different bundle, which of course would be more expensive then the one I had ordered. When I told him that this was unacceptable and he needed to do something to make this right, he said..... I will have to transfer you to customer service... So naturally I asked, do you mean to tell me I'm not talking to customer service? To which he replied, no which number did you call? To which I replied, the one on your website that says Customer Service.

After another transfer and more time on hold, I simply hung up.... I'm assuming this is exactly what Dell wanted me to do. Why is Customer Service so broken? It really should be common sense.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #1299782

Be glad it was out of stock... I ordered one from them and it was bricked straight out of the box...

it won't power on or off half the time and in 3 days I've got over a dozen error codes...after 4 transfers they told me to call xbox. I told them no I wanted to return the faulty product and they are re charging me the original shipping plus I have to pay to ship it back...

out over $50, for their faulty product. Never deal with Dell again.


Consider yourself lucky. I was actually able to purchase my desired bundle (500gb console, gears of war, fallout 4, and an additional controller.) Received the order only to find that fallout 4 and the additional controller were missing.

I'm currently in the midst of my FOURTH HOUR of call center transfers, hang ups, and other nonsense with this joke of a company. I WISH I could have taken my business elsewhere.

to Anonymous Parkville, Maryland, United States #1083882

Did you ever get it fixed? Just got mine for Christmas and same deal.

No fallout 4 and no extra controller.

My mom said she got a printout from them with a $30 credit and they said they made an error, but that's all. That's $120 dollar difference in that bundle not $30


Dell finally sent me an email apologizing for the canceled order and stating that they would be putting together a comparable bundle at the same price. They were going to get back to me within 24 hours.

That was a day and a half ago.

The email address they contacted me from was a noreply address, so I am still experiencing their poor customer service. This hollow apology just makes the whole experience worse.

Saginaw, Michigan, United States #1072842

Dell is not known for it's customer service, in addition to the quality of it's products. It started out good, but has steadily gone downhill from there. Best to shop elsewhere.

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