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Dear Sirs,

I would like to create a formal complaint against Dell Computers, Inc. for not servicing my computer in a timely and professional manner. Below is an ongoing case with Dell which I feel is due to American jobs being sent overseas. Instead of servicing the computer to the standards we have become accustomed to in the US, I have been getting very poor service from Dell -- Service support is always from INDIA and I cannot talk to anyone else but the folks in India. Please don't think that I am being prejudice as I myself am from India.

I purchased a Dell (service tag # CFMFSN1) XPS laptop (very high end) for approximately $2700 almost 1 ½ years ago along with in-home next business day warranty for 3 years. Recently (in last 2 months) I started experiencing problems with the system and called Dell for service. The display would not work. Dell sent out a technician with parts and took care of the problem within a week.

This initial service call resulted in more service calls. Once the technician left, I noticed that the system would constantly overheat and stop working. I worked with Dell in troubleshooting the problem and they decided that my computer needed a new motherboard and they would dispatch a technician to my house just as soon as the motherboard arrives. This took a few days and a technician finally came and serviced the computer -- what happened to next business day?

While he was replacing the motherboard, he accidently broke the keyboard and invoked another service call to Dell. Again, Dell dispatched a keyboard . This took a few days and a different technician finally came and serviced the computer again -- what happened to next business day. This time, the new technician caused yet another problem on the computer which was discovered within a week.

I called Dell and worked with them for several hours trying to diagnose the problem. They wanted me to open up the computer's cover and start unplugging things. I told them I did not have a screw driver with such a small Philips head and their reply was that they would call me just as soon as I acquire one. So, I purchased a tiny screwdriver and worked for several hours with Dell. Again, they sent a new motherboard and a few days later a technician came and replaced my system board. Unfortunately, this technician broke a component on the system board which resulted in one of the devices (Bluetooth) from being available.

Getting frustrated with all the ongoing repairs, I managed to talk to a supervisor and told him to take back the system and give me a credit and I would immediately purchase a new computer from Dell. His reply was that they cannot do that and they cannot exchange the computer, however, I can sell my laptop on Ebay for parts and buy another laptop. He also assured me that if the next service call does not solve the problems, he would get me a refurbished computer. I asked if the supervisor could document this and send me an email. His response was that they cannot send me email. So, another service call was created and I was still without a working laptop.

Eventually, a service tech. came to my house and replaced the system board, causing another problem "" he broke one of the connectors on the board requiring another service call.

We went thru the whole ordeal again with Dell. I contacted Dell and reminded them that they assured me that if this service call did not resolve the issues, I would get another refurbished laptop. They said that the previous manager did not document the exchange, but that this manager will send out a technician with all the parts and take care of the problem. If not, he will take back the system and get me a refurbished machine even though they are not allowed to do that. Apparently, they can only keep replacing parts.

I posed a scenario with the supervisor that does that mean that if I buy a new computer and it breaks, that instead of replacing a lemon, they would keep replacing parts? His reply was yes, since that is all they are allowed to do. So, another service call was arranged for me.

Many days went by without a computer and no income on my part due to lack of my working PC. Finally, a service technican came out and replaced everything on my laptop except the plastic case. When he turned it on, the system would only work for a few seconds and then die.

Again, I called dell and had the technican talk to them as well as myself. Finally, they agreed to send me a refurbished laptop similar in specifications to my existing laptop, just as soon as one became available to them.

Many days went by and a refurbished computer became available. A dell technician called me to go over the specs to make sure it was similar or better than what I had originally. I asked if he could email me the specs so I can do a thorough comparison. His reply was that they do not have email and that time is of the essense if I want this PC.

So, I worked with him for several hours going over the specifications, at the end of which I approved this PC. The technician said this machine has been approved for me and would arrive in 7-10 business days.

For nearly a week, I continued monitoring the status of my laptop to see when it would get shipped. Finally, I called Dell and another supervisor in India said that he would take over the case personally and that I should be getting my computer soon.

Several hours later, I went online to check the status of my computer and noticed that the service was cancelled all together. A few hours later, the technician with whom I had gone over the specifications called me telling me that the computer that we had agreed upon is no longer available and they would have to wait until another one became available. I asked him how a system that was promised to me is now no longer available. His response was that we took too long to go over the specs. I told him that he forced me to make a decision on the spot regarding that computer and I did and he said that the computer was allotted for me. Now, he is saying it is not. His story changed to lack of components for the computer that was reserved for me. I replied that how can you not have components if what I was getting was already inhouse? Anyway, following their standard script, he said that they would contact me as soon as another computer became available.Three weeks have gone by and I am still without a computer. Dell contacted me yesterday and said that they have a similar system and would ship it to me, but I would have to wait again 7-10 business days.

I am still without a computer and without a way of performing my job. What can I do? Please help me!

Ravi Prasad (Ravi.1.prasad@gm.com)Sr. Systems Engineer248-961-1305

Review about: Dell Laptop.

Monetary Loss: $30000.

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