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Computer shoppers interested in customer service and support and expecting it to be good should be wary of Dell systems. This is an example of a company whose outsourcing for services in the global marketplace has in my opinion ruined its servicability to it's customer in North America.

Their response to my technical issues and a problem with sales were not completed in what I would expect to be a timely manner. Expect greater than one hour waiting times on the phone, shuffling of your call through numerous people and sheer frustration on your end! Case in point, Dell laptop crashes, needs several technical advisers to assist in reinstalling all software from start; advisor recommends expensive $249 anti virus software which is sold over the phone and sent via mail for installation. After realizing during install that it was sent for the incorrect windows operating system, Dell customer support refuses to take software back and send correct version (never mind the advisor had to know what system was being used during the reinstall during technical support).

Despite calls back and forth at this point because we've been working this issue for almost a month now I'm starting to get quoted a 21 day rule for returns (ironic how we tried to resolve it way before then). This was the 5th computer from Dell and it will be the last. Such a shame to see what was once a once good company for me to deal with appear to be run into the ground. My faith is completely lost in the ability of this company to resolve my issue.

I don't expect any response from one of their customer service reps other than something to the effect of "We're sorry and understand your problem, unfortunately there seems to be nothing we can do to help resolve your issue at this time". Save the lip service, I'll do my talking on my next purchase which won't be a Dell Dude!

RE order number 984340789.

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