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PLEASE could anyone pass onto me a BRITISH senior staff member who might actually take notice of a complaint??? I have been corresponding with their customer services dept (obviously based overseas) and am getting absolutely nowhere.

It would help if any of the assistants understood English and could respond to e-mails in understandable English..........

I've had my laptop for 5 months and it keeps freezing up. I spent 2 days following instructions from a very pleasant and obviously informed Asian gentleman but as nothing seemed to rectify the problem he arranged a mutually convenient date for couriers to pick up my system from home to take in for repair. I took a day off work, waited in all day but the couriers didn't arrive. Since then I have been rung by people I cannot understand, asking me to ring them back on a 0870 number.

This is a voicemail, they don't ring back. I am getting near the edge and just want my laptop sorting!!!

I have been demanding the name & address of a British complaints dept but it appears to be either non-existent or secret.


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New Hope, Virginia, United States #10621

I had a similar issue with Toshiba and my "Freezing Laptop". Finally I called my Credit Card company.

I informed them of the situation, and I put a dispute on the charge for the Laptop.

All of a sudden, they were willing to replace my laptop. Try going to your CC company if that is who you used to purchase the laptopn.

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