I have now received 4 pop ups offering me a datasafe upgrade. They all appear in the bottom left corner of my monitor, so low that I have to change my screen resolution in order to click the pop up away.

This is the most annoying use of a pop up I have ever encountered and, if Dell Datasafe does not stop doing this, this will be my last Dell computer. I'm posting this here because Dell makes it impossible to reach them on something like this in any other way.

There is no way you can e-mail Dell on something like this. I've gone from satisfied customer trying to give helpful feedback to really unhappy customer in a very short period of time.

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I am filing a fraud complaint agsinst DellData Soft (DDS). DDS illegaly tapped into my bank aocount two years in a row.


I want to cancel my Dell DataSafe Online account and I demand a refund since that site constantly is inaccessible, crashes once I do get to log into it, or restore downloads fail due to errors on the site.

I intend to report this site to the Texas Better Business Bureau for not only its poor performance and failure to deliver its advertised product but also for abysmal product customer service. It is as if Dell realized that the site was totally flawed and just abandoned it yet continued to accept subscriber fees knowing that Dell could not provide the service for those fees. Has any class action suit been filed against Dell DataSafe ?


I too have had this problem and just figured out how to handle it. The next time the update/offer pops up, go to control panel and adjust your screen resolution down, it should make the pop up display within your monitor. I clicked the "don't offer me any discounts" button and we'll see what happens.

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