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Inspiron 1720 died suddenly - no shutdown, no warning - and will not turn on any more. I have never had any issues with the computer during a year of ownership.

I was browsing the internet, not doing anything special at all, when suddenly the computer just went black and dead. No warning, whatsoever, the battery was at about 40% charge and was charging.

The computer will not turn on again in any manner... with the battery in, without the battery in, with the main power supply connected, without.... another interesting thing to note is that when the power adapter is plugged into the wall WITHOUT being also plugged into the laptop, its little green light is lit as normal. However, the second you plug in the laptop, the little green light goes out.

Obviously this is pretty hard to diagnose as it's essentially a paperweight right now... This laptop is a little over a year old. I called Dell and they said too bad it is out of warranty by a week. They tranfer me to 3 different departments and the last one told me to pay $49.00 to have them tell me what was wrong with the laptop. I take it to a local repair shop and they tell me it is the motherboard and this is a problem that happens to a lot of Dell computers. It will cost me $400.00 to replace the motherboard.

Fast forward I write the Dell Executive team and get a call telling me the same thing the Customer Service has said except this guy tells me that he notices that I have no complaints on a desktop I had purchased from Dell 5 years ago so I should be happy with Dell because they were great on the first computer. I asked him if 50% was an acceptable rate for customer satisfaction and he said yes.

I receive a standard letter from the guy saying that they are happy to hear feedback positive or negative so here it is Do not buy a Dell Computer they do not care about quality or customer service.

Review about: Dell Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $790.

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You are right I paid for a one year warranty! I just expected that my computer would last more than a year. My mistake I should have purchased an HP, Toshiba or Sony that are made to last more than a year.


You paid for a 1-year warranty. If you wanted a longer warranty, you should have bought one. What did you expect Dell to do, give you a new motherboard out of the goodness of their hearts?


dell has turned to *** calling to complain is a wast of time gets nothing solved. so i call to wast dell time like support or sales. thanks for the problems and screw dell

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