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I purchased a dell laptop computer online. I was given an expected delivery date of 2 weeks after my purchase. I purchased 2 day delivery and had to pay an extra $40 for it, but I did it because I really wanted it on the projected date that was given for 2 day delivery.

Dell has since changed the delivery date twice now and I still dont have it over a month later, who knows how many more times they will still push it back.

My complaint is that I dont want to pay 2 day shipping anymore when I already missed the day that I needed it by. They refused to refund my shipping or even change the shipping method to regular so I dont have to pay the extra for something that I am not getting.

When I tried to call Dell about this I can NEVER get someone that speaks English, they are all in India. I was put on hold for endless periods and even when I tried to talk to a supervisor they REFUSED to help me. The kept telling me they had high demand for this product and that is why the delay. I DONT CARE. If you were a company that was worth a *** then you could keep up with consumer demand. They also kept saying that the dell computer system would not let them change the shipping method or refund the shipping cost. That is bull. I am so sick of customer service people telling me that the computer is in charge of the company. And I am not that ***, there is always a way to fix it they are just blowing me off.

So, in conclusion they are keeping my extra $40 for 2 day shipping that I am not getting because it has been a month since I ordered the computer, and I dont know if I will get it any time soon.

Dell is disgusting and I will never order another computer from them. They care more about there advertising and public relations then actual customer service.

Review about: Dell Laptop.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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I to bought a dell. Never again I also get no one who speaks english all garbage with names like Michelle that they can't even pronounce right. They also cut you off alot my husband had to speak for me one day because my mouth was running.

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