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I tried to call Dell and ask why a 3 year mother board went bad and all I can get is you can find out but you have got to pay since the warranty is expired.I should have went to another company.Has anybody else had this problem with the OYK 196 board.I have been told that it will take up to $400.00 to put in another board.You would think that Dell would stand behind their product.I said it was 3yrs old but it was only used 2 yrs since I was out of town for a year.

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first mistake Dell. Second by law a company only has to offer a 2 year warranty. Third it don't mean jack if you were out of town living under a rock. 2 years from the day you bought it means 2 years. I bought a PC In Germany about 32 months before a deployment. I was deployed for 2 years. When I got back the PC didn't run and I took it back to the PX. Warranty was up and I was screwed. Live and learn.

OK $400 for a main board? Doubtful. First you have to find one. Then dropping it in takes about 20 min. No big deal I've done it a few hundred times myself.

to answer your question about why a ainboard goes bad. Many reasons. Eletric spike, dust, cold, moisture or abuse. Remember this is a sensative piece of eletronics not a 5 pound sledge hammer.

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