Dell is the official IT support vendor for our patient care internet and network services in the operating room of a very large hospital. When we call for help in surgery with our patient monitoring equipment we do NOT get the help patients deserve...in fact more than half the time the don't even respond!

Dell does not deserve to be allowed the previlidge of taking care of human beings!

It is dissapointing that these third party vendors are charging high fee's which increases healthcare costs and at the same time DECREASING the quality of care! Go Dell

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Hi Anonymous,

Just following up to be certain your concerns are being addressed. If you still want to help us, please contact me or @DellCares via Twitter. We look forward to hearing from you.




Dear Anonymous, my name is Lorna, and I work for Dell. Thanks for posting your comments and bringing this to our attention.

Please email me at Lorna_McNamara@dell.com or via Twitter @DellCares.

We would appreciate the opportunity to investigate this matter further. Thank you, Dell-LornaM

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