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I recently bought two identical Dell Inspiron 15R laptops, loaded with the Intel Core i5 processors, 6 GB RAM each, and 500 GB HDDs. I have had Dells for 10 years, both desktops and laptops and found them rugged, even against dropping on hard surfaces. However, the new Inspiron 15Rs have serious quality problems:

(1) The VGA port is unusable unless you saw off most of a cable's connector in order to be able to insert the pins. The Dell port is recessed and also only as wide as the pin set, so that no standard cable can be inserted. I had chats with Dell's tech support - they claimed to be unaware of the problem, and they noted that there is no adapter to make a cable fit the port. They offered to swap out the daughterboard after wiping my system!

(2) The USB 3.0 port on the RHS has flaky connectivity - not a good thing when an external hard drives is attached and could be caught momentarily disconnected during a write operation!

(3) The DVD drive is marginal. I have an installation disk for Acrobat X Standard. Neither Inspiron could read the disk. I had to copy the disk on a desktop PC and then put that disk into the Inspirons.

The writing is on the wall - profit margins for hardware makers are razor-thin, and they're cutting corners. Before you accept any individual machine and load it / configure it, be sure all the parts work!

Of course, add the fact that Dells are now made in China at Foxconn, the slave-labor company. This makes them a double loser.

Sorry, Dell, this is my last purchase from you.

Review about: Dell Desktop Computer.

Monetary Loss: $1058.

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San Jose, California, United States #710613

I owned a previous dell lap top no issues however now all the 17 inch models lap tops have been garbage and sadder yet they don't last longer than a year proof is in the pudding as they say just look at the reviews on there web sites negative and the ones that are positive are less than 6 months it's a crying shame what used to be quality is gone if you have an ounce of brain you will read the reviews buyer beware i lost over 1500!!!! Oh by the way if you are so *** as not to head my warning when they start to replace all your dell parts look at the bag they come in all refurbished!!!!!!!!guess what happens in the end no warranty!!!!! :(

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