Clinton, Connecticut

We ordered a computer for our mother as we wanted her to start using a computer. We called

Dell and ordered an all in one touch screen.

The guy told us we would have it several days before christmas... well.. It came but after work so we had to have it redelivered.

We wrapped it up and gave it to our mother and found that they had sent us an all in one NON touch screen.

When we called to have them change it, they were rude, repeatedly. They were not willing to admit that they sent the wrong computer and basically said that we lied and ordered the wrong computer..... really? Spoke to the supervisor...

also rude and not helpful at all. Not sure what country they were from but... doesn't excuse rudeness. So basically....

don't shop with Dell computers.. they are bad news and not into customer service.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Welcome to the after sales world of DELL people!

Having had 15 calls to their customer service department and being fobbed off at every opportunity I've given up on laptop that is less than a year old and not working. Its cost me a fortune in calls alone, where they keep you waiting for 15 to 20 mins at a time while "consulting" with their team leader.

DELL is a rip off and anyone would be much safer buying a reputable brand like IBM or HP.



Youre welcome. I have an HP and love it. Never had an issue with them.


Oh, NO!! I am now in the process of replacing my 6 year old machine and have been looking at

I guess I will have to do some serious research into Dell's customer service attitudes and procedures before I buy one from them.

I'll head on over to HP first, I guess. Thanks for the heads-up.

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