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My new Dell computer shuts off at least once a day. According to Dell- I didn't buy a service contract so they wont service it.

This problem started the first hour I had my computer. I took it to a local shop and was informed that Dell regularly loads (and sells) you programs that are incompatable so you end up paying them to fix their "bug". Dell wouldnt touch it for less than the $249 service contract- local company- $49. Now my Dell printer wont print in black and white because it needs a color cartridge!!!!

Can not over ride this feature!!!

Cant call them- I don't have a service contract on my printer!! Shoulda bought a rock and chisel- way less irritating!

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I did have a service contract, but it turned out that they would have you make copies of all your files so they could reformat the computer for you. I don't call that trying to repair/service anything. Anybody could do that on their own.

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