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I sustained a "Software" problem with my personal Desktop Computer and required Technical Assistance , in conducting a "Full System Recovery" .

Dell Inc. "Refused" to provide any assistance and would "Not" honor their agreements or honor my extended Warranty that expires in 2012.

I immediately filed consumer complaints, to various agencies in both Texas & Florida, against Dell Inc.

Furthermore I demanded both my warranty refund back of $ 300.00 Dollars and the Cost of $ 200.00 Dollars for the necessary repair, that ended up being a "Virus". It took a technical assistant from my former telephone Company , ( 1 ) Hour to conduct the Repair.

Dell Inc. Is nothing but a bunch of "Crooks" and "Lairs". They can "Not" be trusted and I highly recommend that everyone pass it around; not to buy from Dell...

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Thats part of why I switched from ibm compatables to Apple. It just works...

Well almost! My macbook died a couple days ago. I talked to customer support- they had me goto the local Apple Store and I got a brand new 2010 Macbook. That's good customer service!

Try finding a Dell, HP, Compaq... Well Gateway used to have stores... Apple may cost a lot more than the rest- but from my experience, sometimes you get what you pay for. Low cost that's out of date quickly & subject to lots of probs (viruses, etc..) or go to the local store (of the manufacturer of the computer) and get great service.

I've been a tech since 1986. I switched to Apple in 2006- and haven't regreted the switch.

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