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Where do I start? Ordered a computer from the Dell Web site.

Gave all information, including Credit Card and Banking information. A few day later, I received a call from Dell, and they said they needed.... Are you ready? A Passport.

I don't even have a Passport as I only travel in the USA and Canada. Well, then got a call and said that they will process the order, but required all the information AGAIN! The computer showed up within 3 days. Then they started to call saying they didn't have my info...

then they said they did send to my bank, but was returned. Which one was it? Oh yea, the bank NEVER received anything from Dell. Are they lires?

I will not give my personal information to a company that is from India. A complete scam! I have contacted Michael Dell in Texas and they tried to help.... maybe.

Therefore beware. Tell all your friends of this underhanded company.

Review about: Dell Shipping Service.

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This morning I received a call from Purolator stating my new Dell Laptop will be arriving on the 06th of January and I should be around to accept it. This is scary.

I never ordered a laptop from Dell. I called Dell in India and they stated based on just my phone number…. I ordered a laptop. They then also asked for info, like full name, address, credit card.

I f I had ordered a laptop, they would have this info. When I asked which province my phone came back to, they replied… Prince Edward Island.

I live in B.C.

I asked to speak to Internal Security, they hung up the phone. Watch out People and shame on you Dell… anything for a buck.

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