I bought a top of the range Dell desktop, Inspirion 1, shortly after arriving in Indonesia (March 2011). I have always had Dell computers and specifically bought a Dell in Indonesia (where I do not speak the language or know the brands) due to Dell's good product quality and ease in sorting out complaints. Well, NOT in Indonesia it seems! Dell needs to have a serious look at the reputation it is ruining, thanks to ADAKOM INTERNATIONAL in the world's 4 most populace country!

One of the key reasons for buying this Dell was its integrated camera and microphone. I knew that Skype would be our main communication tool with family and friends abroad. Unfortunately the unit has disappointed as the microphone has persistent sound quality problems (echos, is very faint, has feedback, generally unsatisfactory)

I bought the unit through a dealer, recommended by the Ex-pat community for his excellent customer service. He has not let us down, providing excellent support and spending an enormous amount of time trying to solve this issue. He has, as a result, stopped recommending or selling Dell products.

The unit has been in for repair (or had on site repair) numerous times - very difficult to organise and time consuming. Eventually I requested a refund or a new unit. The service from Dell representatives in Indonesia (ADAKOM INTERNATIONAL TECHN) has been appalling to say the least. Their attitude to customer service being the most disappointing of all! It is totally out of step with the customer service orientation I had expected.

I also found the accusations from the Dell representatives that I was expecting a higher standard than the "normal" performance from the unit; that I should have tested the unit thoroughly at the shop; that the service from the re-seller was "lacking"; and best of all that the re-seller (a small business owner) could refund me but would not be refunded by Dell, insulting at best. All of this communication is on email and I am happy to forward it on to you.

After months of trying a replacement unit was finally offered but when tested by our trusted re-seller, it was found to have the same problem.

Due to the persistent poor quality but more importantly the APPALLING customer service from those representing Dell in Indonesia (ADAKOM INTERNATIONAL TECHN), I have requested a full refund. After 7 months, I would like, eventually, to have a PC at home which I can trust and which meets basic performance expectations. This request has been refused. PLEASE HELP!

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