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After months of complaining, requesting, pleading for a replacement - which started less than 1 week after receiving it, I continue to make no headway with Dell customer service. The most recent problem (there have been a few) is that the sound goes in & out intermittently, regardless of the program(s) being used and there's a constant static sound that is audible all the time. They have replaced the speakers twice, the motherboard, the mic & camera and things still work horribly.

Even with 40+hours online & phone with software tech support, has not helped the situation and dell refuses to authorize a replacement even though they themslves cannot find a solution. So a computer that was purchased to take online classes through blackboard videos & the like, doesnt actually play sound regularly or show video regularly which pretty much makes it a fairly useless piece of equipment.

Apparently outsourcing your customer service & product manufacturing is code for not having to be accountable for crappy equiment.

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