Dell Inspiron 7000 Laptop Reviews

I'm sorry to see that so many other people are having the same sort of frustration with Dell that I have been having. I did find a great blog with some suggestions about what you can do to actually get Dell's attention: Basically they recommend that you ask to speak to a manager and when that doesn't work they suggest you contact the BBB of central and south texas ( Also, if you used a...
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I didn't like
  • Sold defective product
In July 2016 I bought a new Dell Desktop Inspiron 7000 with "premium tech support" After my personal computer guy installed the machine for me everything was working. Next day I went to Outlook and got a POP UP that said the program was not supported by the product. I called Dell. I was transferred to India, of course, where I spent 51/2 hours talking to a guy who stripped my computer of all programs, reinstalled them and Outlook still didn't...
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