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Everytime I call into dell for warranty repairs, technical support or any other issue they ask for my Name, Address, Email, Phone number, Alternate phone number, etc etc. I have called over 100 times for various issues since buying my computer three years ago. I expressed how aggrevating it was to waste 20 minutes on hold, then 5 minutes giving them the same information as last time, then another 5 minutes while they 'look up the account'. Every. Single. Time. A multi-billion dollar company can't store this information? I give it to them 100+ times and they "don't see the information here".

Even after confirming my name, address, etc TWICE with the agent before shipping me a new part they still got my name wrong and my address wrong. It's a wonder how they're still around...

I am moving on from Dell. I can't take the incompetence anymore covering everything from technical support to getting my name right.

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OH I see we have a new *** watching too much TV and too many movies thinking that there is voice rec databases just waiting on his one single unimportant call.

Well guy have you ever worked at a hotline? Do you know that there can be thousands of calls on an hourly basis 24/7? You are a single person and in an office with lets just say 20 workers per shift not everyone will know your number.

So you either grow th *** up, get off your thrown and relax or you have a heart attack over something so incredibly ***.

Your choice.

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